Studies on breeding and larval rearing of Labeo calbasu (Hamilton) under mid hill altitudinal region of Meghalaya.

Studies on artificial propagation of Chocolate Mahseer, Neolissocheilus hexagonolepis

Studies on the Breeding of Indigenous Magur, Clarias batrachus

Standardization of suitable concentration of activating solution (NaCl Sol.) for activation of sperm motility in Chocolate Mahseer (Neolosochilous hexagonolepis)

Effect of self-recruiting native species in composite fish culture

Studies on parasitic diseases of fishes

Rearing system Weight parameters Length parameters
Absolute Growth
Growth Increment
Specific Growth Rate
Total Weight Gain
Absolute Length
Length Increment
Specific Length Rate
Total Length Gain
Cage 2.57±2.07 0.04 0.03 4.96 1.9±0.9 0.03 0.01 0.6
Aquarium 0.68±0.12 0.01 0.06 0.68 1.4±0.4 0.02 0.007 0.06

Preliminary trial on paddy-cum-fish culture under integrated farming system

Growth performance of gold fish, Carassius auratus in aquarium and cage

Kinetic of enzyme alkaline phosphatase in endangered Chocolate mahseer N. hexahonolepis and its nutritional status

Table: Nutritional profile of Chocolate mahseer, N. hexagonolepis

Nutritional parameters


Crude Protein (DW) 76.78
Ether Extract 06.48
Dry Matters 31.89
Crude Fibre 00.35
Total Ash 07.50
Calcium 01.03
Phosphorus 01.95
Cholesterol 170 mg/dl

Study on pathogenic fungi in fish culture ponds located at mid-hill altitude

Nutritional profiling of commercially important food fishes

Fish species Moisture (%) Protein (% DW) Lipid (%) Ash (%)
Puntius sphore 62.92 44.82 35.07 15.78
Anabas testidinius 55.22 45.26 32.05 19.92
Channa striatus 67.28 54.44 15.21 22.89
Chanda nama 75.87 52.33 26.72 15.30
Labeo bata 70.98 53.73 31.52 10.46
Amblipharyngodon mola 77.02 55.85 20.55 16.94
Wallago attu 72.74 61.22 25.53 4.48
Xenotondon cancilla 74.52 60.64 17.63 15.30
cyprinus carpio 76.03 59.10 18.08 13.96

Captive breeding of Amur- Common carp

Fish farming in rice field

Fry nursing of Golden mahseer, (Tor putitora, Ham )- An endangered species in pond based cage culture system:

Thermal tolerance of potential native fish species Brachidanio rerio and Danio dangila acclimatized to four different temperatures. (Under NICRA)

Feed utilization and reproductive competence of H. fossils males reared in comparatively high temperature (Under NICRA)

Table: Experimental design, variation in weight gain (g) and GSI (%) by feeding 3 experimental diets to the H. fossilis at elevated and ambient water temperature.