Agricultural Engineering

Continuous biochar production unit
A continuous biochar production unit has been installed in the Institute to produce biochar from different agricultural and forest waste biomass. The unit is capable of converting up to 300 kg/hr of woody biomass into biochar. Shredded biomass is introduced to the partial-oxidation reactor, a controlled aerobic (O2 limited) environment that contains some limited atmospheric air, where it is carbonized at 300-550 °C for between 2-30 minutes.
The pyrolysis gas produced during the first stage is used as sweep gas for the second stage, and is primarily composed of N2, H2, CO, CH4, and other higher VOCs and trace gases. Pyrolysis gases are burned in a flare at a temperature between 500-1500°C.

Steps for making biochar by Biochar Production Unit

1.  Raw materials- wood chips 2. Collection of wood chips in 200lit drums
3. Wood chips ready to put in biochar unit 4. Feeding wood dips in main reactor
5. Starting of biochar unit 6. Initial burning inside main reactor
  7. Smoke coming out of flare 8. Firing the exhaust gas
9. Inspection of the running 10. The biochar unit
11.Inspection of biochar products 12. Cooling of biochar by sprinkling of water

Biochar Production Unit Video