Animal Health

Veterinary Parasitology

  1. PCR based technique has been standardized for identification of species specific gastrointestinal parasites from faecal samples of cattle and goats.
  2. PCR based technique has been standardized for detection of Haemoprotozoan infections of the area
  3. Development of a DOT-ELISA based diagnostic kit for detection of antibody against Oesophagostomum sp.and Bunostomum sp.
  4. Revalidation of Diagnostic kit in field level as well as in organized farm of different Institutes.
  5. Epidemiological study on GIP infections in pig, cattle & goats of the area done
  6. Prepared bioclimatographs.
  7. Mapping of G.I. Parasitism of the area
  8. Detection of mange infestation in pigs

Veterinary Parasitology(Last Five years summation)