Doable Technology

Doable Technology - Agricultural Engineering Equipments Developed

Adjustable Row Marker

It is suitable for marking rows at different spacing according to the crops to be sown. Sowing in rows facilitates intercultural operations like weeding, earthing, etc. in better way. Row spacing can be adjusted between 20 to 60 cm by sliding the tynes on a cross bar.

Fig. Adjustable row marker in field operation

Dimensions                             : 0.80 m x O.56 m x O.35 m
No. of rows                             : 3
Row spacing                           : 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 cm (adjustable)
Power source                         : one person
Width of coverage                  : 40 – 120 cm
Depth of operation                 : 70 mm
Filed capacity                          : 0.19 ha/h at 60 cm spacing

Manual Seed Drill

It is a single row-seeding device suitable for sowing different crops by changing the fluted roller of the metering mechanism. It saves 50 % on cost of operation and results in 5 % increase in yield compared to conventional method of sowing behind country plough.    

Fig. Manual seed drill in field operation

Specification -
Dimensions                             : 1.27m x 1.0m x 0.52m
Weight                                    : 9 kg
No. of rows                             : one
Metering mechanism               : fluted roller
Furrow opener                        : shovel type
Seed hopper capacity             : 2.0 kg
Power source                          : two person

Pedal Paddy Thresher

It is a manually operated paddy thresher consisting of threshing cylinder, pedal and grain shield. Threshing cylinder is fitted with wire loops to perform threshing operation by combing action.

  Fig. Pedal operated paddy thresher

Specification -
Dimension                              : 1.25m x 0.65m x 0.63m
Output capacity                     : 40-50 kg/hr
Threshing efficiency               : 98 %                                               

Long Handle Weeders

Long handle weeders allow performing weeding operation without bending thus reducing drudgery to the operator and increase the capacity. These weeders are namely Circular (U) blade weeder, Garden rake, V- blade weeder, Grass slasher, and hand fork respectively. The uprooted weeds can be collected using garden rake. With these hand tools labour saving to the extent of 60-65% can be achieved over traditional methods.           

  Fig. Different types of long handle weeders

4-Row Pre germinated Paddy Seeder

It is useful for sowing pre-germinated paddy seeds in puddled fields. It is capable of sowing 4 rows at 20 cm spacing. A lugged wheel is provided for giving drive and agitation in drums to facilitate dropping of seeds. 

Fig. Pre germinated Paddy Seeder in operation

Cono Weeder

Cono weeder is manually operated weeding equipment with long handle. The blades are fitted on two set of cones to perform weeding operation in between the paddy rows without bending the posture of the operator thus reducing drudgery of work. It performs well in standing water condition.

Fig. Cono Weeder

Dimensions                              : 1.74m ´2.0m ´ 0.94m
Weight                                     : 6.7 kg
Number of persons required    : 1
Width of coverage                    : 140 mm
Field capacity:                          : 0.36 ha/h                             

Price List of Farm Tools and Equipments being fabricated at Research Workshop

Sl. No. Name of Farm Tools & Equipments Rs.
1.  Octagonal & Tubular Maize Sheller 60.00
2.  Hand Grass Slasher 160.00
3.  Multi purpose “ U “ blade Weeder 200.00
4.  Metallic Tip dibbler 170.00
5.  Hand Fork 180.00
6.  Garden Rake 215.00
7.  “V” blade Weeder 200.00
8.  Straight blade Weeder 190.00
9.  Fruit Harvester (Crown type) with bamboo handle 145.00
10.  Bordoli Seed Drill. 525.00
11.  Adjustable Row Marker 630.00
12.  Wheel Hoe with one sweep blade 1175.00
13.  Wheel Hoe with three-sweep blade 1300.00
14.  Animal drawn Bund Former 1575.00
15.  Animal drawn Ridger Plough 1300.00
16.  Animal drawn Mould board plough 1300.00
17.  Rotary Paddy weeder 900.00
18.  Pre germinated Paddy Seeder (4 Row) 2000.00
19.  Seed drill for Upland. Paddy or Lin Seed (three wheeler) 2400.00
20.  Seed drill for Maize or Groundnut (three wheeler) 2500.00
21.  Groundnut Decorticator 2500.00
22.  Hand Operated winnower with Fan Guard 3450.00
23.  Manual Trolley with single wheel 2550.00
24.  Pedal Paddy thresher 6000.00
25.  Power Paddy thresher cum blower without Motor 6800.00
26.  SRI Row Marker 1500.00
27.  Cono weeder 1000.00