Three days Vaccination programme against Classical Swine Fever in piglets organised under Biotech-KISAN Project

Biotech-KISAN (Krishi Innovation Science Application Network) Project entitled “Establishment of Biotech-KISAN Hub at ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Umiam, Meghalaya”, sponsored by DBT, Govt. of India. Biotech-KISAN project is running on Four Clusters (comprising two villages in each Cluster). Vaccination programme against Classical Swine Fever in piglets was organised in three clusters comprising of six villages on 03.09.19 (Mawlein & Mawkhan-Cluster-1), 05.09.19 (Nonglakhiat & Lumshyiap-Cluster-2) & 18.09.19 (Thadnongiaw & Mawbri-Cluster-3). The vaccine was given to individual piglet by visiting door-to-door of piglet beneficiaries as well as some where beneficiaries gathered their piglets in a common place. A total of 107 piglets were vaccinated in these three days programme. Dr. R. Laha, Principal Scientist & Hub Facilitator/ Project Coordinator of the Project lead the team.   Here lapinized swine fever vaccine has been used and that were brought from Institute of Animal Health and Veterinary Biologicals, Govt. of West Bengal, Kolkata as there is a crisis of availability of this vaccine in Meghalaya. The Mahila Kisan Biotech Fellows from six villages helped to organise the programme. Mr. Yearbok Marwein (JRF), Ms. Ibanylla Swer (JRF) and Rishanlang Majaw (Skilled Labour) of the project, actively participated and helped to organise the programme. Dr. R. Laha, Hub Facilitator thanks Dr. A. Sen, P.S. & Head, Division of Animal Health & Co-PI, for overall guidance, Dr. Samir Das, Scientist & Co-P.I. for procuring the vaccine, All PIs and Co-PIs of the project and all piglet beneficiaries for their cooperation to organise these three days vaccination programme.