Successfully Conducted the Awareness Programme on Jal Shakti Abhiyan at Namsai Block, Arunachal Pradesh.

 7th September Jona III: As inspire by the Hon'ble Prime Minister's impetus on Jal Sanchay, the Jal Shakti Abhiyan (JSA) an awareness programme was organized by KVK Namsai (ICAR RC for NEH Region, Arunachal Pradesh Centre, Basar) to encourage the people to join hands for water conservation and create a Jan-andolan along the lines of the Swachh Bharat Mission, to save water and secure the future. The Minister said that the Jal Shakti Abhiyan should bring positive change in people for water conservation. At present 1592 blocks in 256 districts are under water stress condition and special intervention is being carried out by the central as well as state agencies to the short out the water scarcity and increase the water availability to all. A total number of 29 farmers including GB of village were attended the programme.

In this continuation, KVK Namsai joins the hand and created awareness and imparted scientific knowledge and methodology on water conservation in agriculture, horticulture and livestock farming at village Jona III of Namsai district. The programme was attended by KVK Scientist Dr. Binod Dutta. Borah, Animal Science, Dr. Madhumita Sonowal Bora, Plant Protection and Bidyapati Ngangom, Agrometeorology. In the programme Dr. BKD Borah explained the application of principle of ‘per drop more crop’ in livestock farming by providing required quantity of water to their livestock and poultry. Scientist Bidyapati Ngangom explained thoroughly about the importance of water conservation and their uses in farming too in scantly period as surface water is inadequate to meet our demand and to depend on ground water during off season of monsoon. She also presented a power point presentation about the use of water in agriculture and horticultural crops efficiently. She spoke about different agronomic practices like mulching that can adopt in crop cultivation to conserve soil moisture. She also encouraged farmers to adopt rice cropping system and also told to choose crop varieties that can grow with less water consumption. She also shared about the different technologies and methods of rain water harvesting and surface runoff water harvesting, like roof top water harvesting, collection of water and store for reuse rather than allowing  it to runoff that can be adopt by them. She also encouraged farmers to adopt improved water management technologies, such as pressurized irrigation system, i.e., drip and sprinkler, roof water harvesting, micro-rainwater harvesting structures, and IFS module.

In continuation of the programme Scientist Bidyapati Ngangom presented a power point presentation on Agromet Advisories Services and its importance in today’s perspective. She gave a short introductory lecture about what is Agro-met Advisories services and salient features of weather based farm advisories service. She discussed about objectives of Agromet Advisories services and its importance or significance of weather forecast in agriculture. She highlighted about the advantages of weather forecast in crop planning and as well as useful of weather forecast. She also discussed about how the AAS will help to the farmers in their day to day crop planning programme and decision making.