Animal Health

PCR-based detections standardised during the period

  1. Escherichia coli: E. coli isolates are frequently recovered from colibacillosis, enteritis and clinical as well as non-clinical cases of livestock and poultry. Serotyping of E. coli isolates revealed that, O6, O8, O9, O65, O101, O107 O24, O62, O25, O1, O91, O9, O127, O87, O117, O711, O172, O101, O87, O103, O2, O15, O5, O4, O88, O166, O156, O18, O11, O89, O18, O27 O25, O132, O89, O22, O3, O2, O25 and O117 serotypes are more commonly encountered. PCR assay was standardized for detection of virulent genes such as stx1, stx2, hly, est, elt genes etc. Plasmid profiling study of E. coli isolates were also carried out
  2. Salmonella spp.: Different Salmonella spp. were recovered from clinical samples of poultry, ducks, pig, humans as well as from the foods of livestock and poultry origin where Salmonella Typhimurium was more commonly reported. Besides these, S. Enteritidies, S. Bareilly and S. Kentucky were also recovered. PCR based assay for detection of virulent gene such as stn, fimA, invA, sopB, sopE, pefA and sefC was standardized.
  3. Clostridium perfringens: PCR based diagnostic protocol was standardized for identification of Cl. perfringenes based on detection of toxin genes such as cpa , cpb2. The protocol was also used for diagnosis of Clostridial infection in cattle, goat, pig, poultry and rabbit.