ICAR Sikkim Centre empowered North Sikkim tribal farmers on Organic Crop Production


The ICAR Sikkim Centre organized three day training programme on organic crop production during 19th to 21st April, 2016 at Ringhim, Mangan, North Sikkim under the guidance of Dr. R. K. Avasthe, Joint Director, ICAR Sikkim Centre in order to increase awareness and strengthen the progressive tribal farmers on organic crop production by dissemination of scientific knowledge along with input support system under Tribal Sub Plan (TSP). During the programme a total of 55 progressive farmers of Ringhim, Upper Singhik and Kalow Wards representing  Self Help Groups (SHGs) attended the programme and benefited from the technical knowhow and various inputs distributed viz., spray machines, organically permitted bio pesticides, fungicides, bio fertilizers, vermicompost units (vermibeds), polythene for mushroom production, vegetable seeds and mushroom spawn. Farmers showed kin interest in learning the scientific crop production technologies developed by ICAR Sikkim Centre.

Chief Guest of the programme Smt. Anguli Lepcha, Zilla Adhyaksha, North Sikkim in her address thanked the Joint Director, ICAR Sikkim Centre for organizing such programmes and imparting knowledge regarding organic crop production and also for providing critical quality inputs. Ms. Tshering Choden Lepcha, Zilla member Ringhim-Nampatam, North Sikkim also addressed during the inaugural session of the programme.

Dr. R. K. Avasthe, Joint Director, ICAR appreciated the farmers for taking keen interest in organic crop production and scientists of the Centre for their efforts in organizing the training programme. He highlighted the activities of the Centre related to organic crop production and stressed upon the need of this training programme after declaration of the state as fully organic farming by the Honorable Prime Minister of India on 18th Jan, 2016. At the end of the programme certificates were distributed to all the progressive farmers for successful participation in the training programme.

Earlier, Dr. H. Kalita, Principal Scientist (Entomology) presented the overview of the programme and its significance for the region. He also discussed the organic pest management and vermicompost production techniques. He stressed upon the importance of regular visits and proper monitoring of farms in organic production systems for better management of insect pest.

Dr Ashish Yadav, Senior Scientist (Horticulture) detailed the organic production techniques of major horticultural crops of Sikkim, intensive vegetable production under low cost plastic tunnel and plastic rain shelters. He highlighted that vegetables are  quick cash crops and very profitable.

Dr. R. Gopi, Scientist (Plant Pathology) shared the information on organic disease management in major crops and mushroom production techniques. He emphasized on the need for proper crop rotation to avoid diseases in the plants under organic crop production.

Shri Shaon Kr. Das Scientist (Soil Scientist) briefed about the organic nutrient management techniques and importance of soil testing and stressed on the need for proper management of soil acidity for balanced organic nutrients of crops.

Dr. R. Islam, Senior Scientist (Animal Reproduction) also interacted with the farmers and suggested methods to maintain the hygienic housing for dairy cattle along with the proper management of diseases prevalent in the region. He also discussed Vanaraja backyard poultry management techniques.

Mr. Boniface Lepcha, Subject Matter Specialist, KVK Ranipool, coordinated the event and shared the information on vegetable nursery raising techniques of cole crops, tomato, capsicum, and brinjal. Farmers were also exposed to practical demonstration on vermicomposting and mushroom production to make the programme more fruitful and lively.

Shri P. T. Lepcha, Panchayat Member appreciated and thanked whole heartedly for the efforts of ICAR Sikkim Centre  in empowering the rural farmers through improved production technologies of different crops with critical input support system. He also requested Joint Director, ICAR Sikkim Centre to execute more such programmes in near future. Ms. Ekey Lepcha, Panchayat M ember was also present in during the programme.



Joint Director, ICAR Sikkim Centre addressing the farmers


Smt. Anguli Lepcha, Zilla Adhyaksha addressing the farmers


Inputs distributed among the farmers


Demonstration programme organized for mushroom production among the farmers