KVK Ri Bhoi celebrated an ‘Awareness Programme on Pulses cum Celebration of National Science Day'


KVK Ri Bhoi celebrated an ‘Awareness Programme on Pulses cum Celebration of National Science Day' on the 28th February 2017 at M.S.Swaminathan Auditorium, ICAR RC for NEH Region, Umiam to create awareness among the farmers about the importance of science and technology in agriculture and about the importance of pulse crops. The programme was attended by around 150 farmers, Dr. Satish Chandra, Dr. A.K.Tripathi, Dr. R.Bordoloi, Dr. A.K.Mishra, Dr. S.Hazarika, along with the Head of KVK Ri Bhoi, Subject Matter Specialist of Agronomy, Soil Science and Plant Protection and other staff.

The programme started with a warm welcome from Dr. Mokidul Islam, Senior Scientist & Head, KVK Ri Bhoi. Dr. Mokidul Islam briefed the farmers about Dr. C.V.Rahman, the man behind the celebration of National Science day in our country and he requested the farmers to apply the scientific technologies in their agricultural practice based on the theme ‘Science and technology for specially abled persons’. He also briefed about the objective of the programme as to widely spread the message about the significance of scientific applications in the daily life of the people and their welfare.

Dr. A.K.Mishra, Station Incharge, NBPGR, Umiam,   informed the farmers about Dr. C.V.Rahman and quoted Jawaharlal Nehru who said that ‘everything can wait but agriculture cannot wait’ and requested the farmers to use the various technologies in meeting their agricultural needs at the right time. He also said that there should be an agreeable mode between the farmers and the researchers for the development of agricultural as a whole.

Dr. S.Hazarika, Nodal Officer TSP, PS & Head NRM, talked about the importance of spreading awareness among the farmers regarding the importance of Science and pulse crops. He said that farmers were the inventors of many innovations in agriculture, that’s why many awards were given by the government to encourage the farmers to be innovative. He also mentioned that there is a gap of around 10 million tonnes between production and requirement of pulses in the country. Thus, the government aimed to promote pulse production by celebrating ‘the International Year of Pulses in 2016’.

Dr. R. Bordoloi, PS, ICAR-ATARI, Zone-III, Umiam,  urged the farmers to not be superstitious but to accept the scientific technologies because we need science not only in our everyday life but even in agricultural practices. He said that the farmers should be made aware about the importance of Science for development because without Science there will be no development. He concluded his speech by advising the farmers today to take the benefits of the mobile technology for getting various information and not to waste time because if used wrongly these scientific technologies will not bring about development.

Dr. A. K. Tripathi, Nodal Officer of KVKs, PS & Head of Social Science Division, said that the North Eastern states have great potential for pulse production. As it is now, the farmers have accepted pea cultivation but for some reason the farmers of the district were still reluctant to cultivate lentil in a large scale. Thus, he advised the KVK Ri Bhoi to address the problem and to get feedback from the farmers in order to increase lentil cultivation in the district.

Dr. Satish Chandra, PS & Head, Plant Pathology, Director I/C of ICAR RC for NEH Region Umiam, and Chairman of the programme requested the farmers to make use of the available technologies in their agricultural practices. He also advised the farmers to take the opportunity to use mobile as a medium for getting timely solution to their problems from the extension personnel without coming to their farm.

During the programme, 50 numbers of fruit fly trapping Kit RC-1 developed by Crop Protection Division of ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region Umiam were distributed to the farmers from different villages for management of fruit flies in fruit and vegetable crops.  In addition, 3 numbers of silpauline were also distributed for construction of jalkund in the villages.

The programme was concluded with a vote of thanks from Dr. Popiha Bordoloi, SMS, Soil Science, KVK Ri Bhoi. After the inauguration session, farmers’-scientist interaction programme was organised wherein queries from farmers regarding pulse cultivation and other agricultural problems were clarified by the SMSs of KVK Ri Bhoi.

Speech by Dr. R. Bordoloi, PS, ICAR-ATARI, ZONE III   Participants attending the programme
Distribution of silpauline for jalkund to the farmers   Distribution of fruit fly trap to the farmers