Field Demonstration on Orchards establishment in Marngar areas under Farmer’s FIRST Project


A field demonstration programme on “Orchards establishment’ was conducted in Mawphrow under Farmer’s FIRST Project on 11th October 2017. The main aim of the programme was to disseminate technical knowhow on orchard establishment and maintenance of different fruit crops.  About fifteen (15 nos.) interested farmers from different villages Marngar ares including villages Mawphrow, Umtham, Nalapara, Joygang, Borgang, Purangang and Sarikusi. Farmers were exposed to both theory and hands on demonstration of systematic layout of orchard, pit digging, planting and other operations requires for establishment of Khasi Mandarin and Guava orchards. During the discussion and interaction, it was revealed by the farmers that they have no experience about the planned orchards. They have also never practice any planned activities in orchards. Therefore Feedback from the participants has shown that such activities will help in improving their livelihood. Following interaction, about 350 nos. of grated planting materials of Guava varieties (RCGH-1, RCGH-4, RCGH-7, RCG-11, Lalit, L-49 and Allahabad Safeda) and 635 nos. of grafted Khasi Mandarin were distributed to the selected and identified farmers. The participants have shown great enthusiasm and feedback revealed that such programme will help them in proper understanding of various technology related to fruit crops cultivation. The programme was coordinated by Dr. H. Rymbai, Dr. Pankaj K. Sinha, Dr. R. Laha and M. Tariang.