“Lumsniang”- A New Pig Variety Released by ICAR RC NEH Region, Umiam, Meghalaya.


ICAR RC NEH, Umiam Meghalaya had released a new variety of Pig named Lumsniang on 6th March, 2017 in presence of Dr. H Rahman, Deputy Director General (Animal Science) ICAR, New Delhi; Dr. R S Gandhi, Assistant Director General, ICAR, New Delhi, Dr. S V Ngachan, Director of the institute;  Dr. B C Deka, Director, ATARI, Zone III, Umiam; Dr. D K Sarma, Director, NRC on Pig, Guwahati; Dr. Vineet Bhasin, Principal Scientist, ICAR, New Delhi; Shri B. K. Sohliya, OSD, Meghalaya Institution of Enterpreneurship & In-Charge Piggery Mission, Govt. of  Meghalaya and other dignitaries from Central Agricultural University, Umiam; ICAR-NBPGR; Officials from Government of Meghalaya representing animal husbandry, horticulture and other departments officials, pig entrepreneurs and farmers. The Chief Guest of the programme Dr. H. Rahman praised the efforts of scientists, research workers and other staff of ICAR, Umiam for the release of the much needed climate SMART Lumsniang variety for the farmers of Meghalaya. Dr. S V Ngachan, emphasized on increasing popularity of this variety beyond Meghalaya to the other states of North East. Director, ATARI; Director NRC on Pig also appreciated and congratulate the efforts of livestock production division. Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry, Deputy Director of Horticulture and Agriculture, Govt. of Meghalaya also appreciated as well as congratulate the efforts of livestock production division.

The programme started with welcome address by Dr. A. Sen, Principal scientist and head, Animal Health divison. Followed by   Dr. G Kadirvel Head, Livestock Production Division and Principal Investigator of All India Coordinated Research Project on Pig, Meghalaya Unit briefed about the Lumsniang pig variety which is developed by crossing Khasi local pig (Sniang Megha) with exotic pig Hampshire. Genetics stability of economic traits, performance were proved in farm as well as field condition. Finally, ICAR approved to release this as a new pig variety “Lumsniang” where ‘Lum’ means ‘Hill’ and ‘Sniang’ means ‘pig’, Hill pig since the pig variety has better adaptability  performance in hill ecosystem of the NE region of India. The variety was dedicated today to the pig farmers in the region and to the Nation.

The pig variety has better adaptability  in hill ecosystem, climate resilient traits including the body physiology suitable to  hill ecosystem, promising growth rate and feed conservation efficiency, good mothering ability with higher litter size at the time of  birth and weaning, good carcass quality and consumer preference in the region. Another key feature of the pig variety is suitable to low input tribal production/backyard pig production system. Better performance and productivity in the low input tribal production system. The pig variety attained higher body weight of 90-100 kg at 12 months of age, besides higher litter size at weaning (8.56±0.77 Vs 5.23±0.54) as compared to local non-descriptive pigs in the low input tribal production system. The variety came up today by endless efforts of scientist from the institute, ICAR RC NEH, Umiam, Meghalaya with initiation from Dr. K M Bujarbaruah, present Vice Chancellor, Assam Agricultural University; (Late) Dr. Anubrata Das Ex- Director, NRC Pig; Dr. R. K. Bardoloi and  Dr. S Naskar.

The programme was concluded with distribution of this varieties to the progressive farmers from Meghalaya and finally Dr. Sunil Doley, Principal Scientist, Livestock Production Division presented the vote of thanks.