Live telecast Speech of the Hon’ble PM on the occasion of NADCP for Foot and Mouth Disease and Brucellosis.

11th September, Alubari: A day long programme was organized by KVK, Namsai (ICAR RC for NEH Region, Arunachal Pradesh Centre, Basar) in collaboration with Department of A. H., Vety. and Diary Development, Namsai district on 11th September, 2019 at Alubari village of Chongkham circle on Live webcast ceremony of Hon’ble PM address on Launching of National Animal Disease Control Programme (NADCP) for FMD & Brucellosis, National Artificial Insemination Programme and Swachhta Hi Sewa in Namsai District, Arunachal Pradesh. The Programme was chaired by DVO, Namsai district Dr. R. D, Jindal, District Planning Officers, Dr. K. Sarmah, DHO, S. Bhide, DDA Namsai and other Officers of the Agri and Allied Department of Namsai District. The programme was started with the welcome address by senior scientist and Head KVK Namsai (i/c) Dr. Binod Dutta Borah. He briefed about the programme by highlighting different beneficial schemes launched by Govt. of India specially PMKSN and PMKM. During the speech, Dr. R. D. Jindal, DVO Namsai explained the beneficial effect of animal vaccination and Artificial Insemination. Dr. K. Sarmah, DPO also talk about the ongoing various agricultural related activities implemented under the supervision of the district administration.

The main focus of the programme was to show the Live telecast of the Speech of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on the occasion of Launcing of NADCP for Foot and Mouth Disease and Brucellosis which is a 100% centrally funded programme, with a total outlay of Rs.12,652 crore from 2019 to 2024. It aims to control FMD and Brucellosis by 2025 with vaccination and eventual eradication by 2030.

Previously a Awareness cum Vaccination and A.I. camp was also conducted at the morning hours of the said day. A total of 95 farmers including state officers were attended in the programme and more than110 animals were treated, 10 animals were vaccinated and 2 animals were also inseminated artificially with the help of all the technical staffs of Veterinary Dept., Namsai District. A Livestock Breeders Club was also formed during the programme comprising initially 20 farmers from the locality.