Improved Breeds of Backyard Poultry Distributed at Farmer’s FIRST villages, Ri Bhoi, Meghalaya


To promote scientific backyard poultry farming, ICAR Research Complex for NEH region, Umiam, Meghalaya demonstrated scientific methods of backyard poultry farming with improved breeds under Farmer’s First Project on 12th January’2018 under the leadership of Dr. R. Laha, Principal Scientist and Dr. Meena Das, Scientist. A total of 23 farmers from different villages; Mawtnum (5 nos.), Mawphrew (2 nos.), Umtham (15 nos.) and Borkhatsari (1 no.) were benefited by the programme.  Six hundred forty eight (648) Kuroiler chicks (4 weeks old) were distributed among 23 nos. of beneficiaries from Mawtnum, Mawphrew, Umtham and Borkhatsari villages, Ri Bhoi, Meghalaya. They were made aware of different parasitic diseases as well as other aspects of poultry health management. The farmers were also advised to do regular deworming and vaccination of their birds. Ms Astha Barman (SRF, FFP), Azriel M. Tariang and Ibanylla Swer (Field Assistant, FFP) actively cooperated to make this programme successful.


Mawtnum village, Ri Bhoi, Meghalaya


Mawphrew village, Ri Bhoi, Meghalaya


Umtham village, Ri Bhoi, Meghalaya