Field Day On ‘‘ Raised And Sunken Beds With HYV of Pea”


KVK Ri Bhoi organized a field day on ‘Popularization of Raised and Sunken Beds (RSB) with HYV of pea var. Arkel” on the 9th March 2017 at Kyrdem village under TSP programme. The main aim of the programme was to showcase the success of RSB technology with pea cultivation in the field of Mrs  Valerie Maring of Kyrdem village. Around 50 farmers from the village and neighbouring villages were attended. Dr. Mokidul Islam, Head of KVK Ri Bhoi, Dr. Subhash Babu, Scientist, Division of Crop Production,ICAR Umiam,  SMS- Agronomy, SRF and other KVK staff were also participated.  Dr Islam & Dr Babu interacted with the farmers for the benefit of raised and sunken beds technology for better utilization of land, higher yield, double the cropping intensity in rice fallow and income for the livelihood improvement of farming community. They also explained to the farmers about the crops to be grown round the year in  RSB technology demonstrated besides pulse crops for improvement of soil fertility by fixing the atmospheric nitrogen. In the programme, the farmers were advised to take up more and more pulse crop like pea, lentil, blackgram after the harvest of paddy for adding soil fertility to their soil, utilization of residual crop moisture and to increase their cropping intensity. Pea var. Arkel performed very well in the village and the yield is expected to be much higher than the previous year. The farmer was very happy with the performance of the crop and the farmers who attended the programme were very much motivated after seeing the success of the crop.