Demonstration on Promotion of kitchen gardening for nutritional and livelihood improvement in Mawthei Village under NMSHE-TF6


A field demonstration on “Promotion of kitchen gardening for nutritional and livelihood improvement” was conducted on the 25th July 2017 in Mawthei village under the TSP-NMSHE-TF6 programme. The main aim of the programme is to integrate the system of mixed cultivation of a small portion of land which around the household or within walking distance from the family home that can improve the nutritional and livelihood of farmers. The programme was attended by about 30 interested farmers from the adopted project site. The farmers were narrated on the social, economic and environmental benefits of kitchen gardening for improving the nutritional and livelihood of the farmers. Demonstration was conducted on suitability and establishment of kitchen gardening including land preparation, seed bed preparation, nursery raising techniques and organic plant health management of vegetable crops. Following the demonstration, seed of broccoli (110 g), cabbage (180 g), cauliflower (50 g), Frenchbean (18 kg), lettuce (40 g), coriander (2.4 kg), carrot (2.1 kg), beet root (1.25 kg), radish (400 g) and ladies finger (40 g) were distributed. Feedback from the participants has shown that such activities will help in improving their health, nutrition and improving their livelihood. The programme was coordinated by Dr. H. Rymbai, Dr. Batriti Nongbri, Mr. Iooniwanhi Law, Mr. Teibanbiang Nongkseh and Mr. Wilfred Lawai.