Aquapreneurship and the present Fishery status in Manipur

Press Release of Webinar

A two days webinar on the topic “Aquapreneurship and the present Fishery status in Manipur “was organised from 14-15th September, 2020 by Indian Council of Agricultural Research for North East Hill Region, Manipur Centre in collaboration with KVK-Churachandpur and KVK-Ukhrul. The programme was inaugurated by Shri N. Gojendro Singh, Director, Deppt. Of Fishery, Govt. of Manipur as Chief Guest, Prof. R.K. Saha, Director Extension Education, CAU and Dr. S. Munilkumar Singh, Principal Scientist, Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE), Kolkata as Special Guests and Dr. I. Meghachandra Singh, Joint Director, ICAR RC NEH Region, Manipur Centre as Patron.

During the two days virtual events about 80 progressive fish farmers from different parts of the state and dignitaries from different parts of India participated. And the programme was conducted by Dr. Bhubaneshwari Happy S, Scientist, Plant Breeding, ICAR, Manipur Centre. Seven resource persons from CAU, ICAR and KVK spoke on different topics related to “Aquapreneurship and the present Fishery status in Manipur” the during the two days webinar.  Special guest Dr. S. Munilkumar Singh, PS in his special talk was expressed the present scenarios and need of the hour of fish and fisheries in Manipur. 

On the first day Prof. R.K. Saha, Director Extension Education, CAU was the theme speaker of the webinar. Dr. Ch. Basudha, Senior Scientist, ICAR, Manipur Centre spoke on the topic New candidate Species: pros and cons and Shri N. Sureshchandra Singh, Asst. Chief Technical Officer, KVK-Ukhrul spoke on the topic “Fish seed scenario in Manipur”.

During the 2nd day of the webinar Mr. Md. Salam, Asst. Chief Technical Officer, KVK-Imphal East spoke on “Periphyton based aquaculture”, Dr. W. Gusheinzed, Associate Professor, College of Fishery, CAU discussed on the topic “Backyard Recirculatory Aquaculture”, Dr. S. Khogen Singh, Assistant Professor, COF, CAU delivered lecture on the burning topic “ Biofloc Technology in North East Region. Finally Dr. N. Soranganba, ACTO, KVK-Churachandpur delivered lecture on the topic “Aquapreneurship”.

The webinar was concluded with an open discussion followed by concluding remark from the organising secretary.